Policies & FAQ

******APRIL 11-12 EMAIL SERVER ERROR******

From the hours of roughly 3:30pmPST on April 11 to roughly 9:15amPST on April 12 we experienced an email server error where no emails were coming through or being sent out properly. If you emailed within that window you need to email us again so we can help take care of any of your needs or concerns! We're so sorry for the interruption and we deeply appreciate your patience and understanding!


We strongly recommend and encourage looking over all of these guidelines before placing an order-- It's always best to be fully informed ahead of time! If you have any questions at ALL please do not hesitate to email us! We'd be happy to discuss anything you have questions or concerns about! Email us at

7:00 am - 3:00 pm PST
Monday - Friday

Customer service is offered via email only and you should receive a response within 1-3 working days. Please be patient with us-- If we are busy or receiving an influx of emails, it may take a little longer to get a response from us! If you have emailed us several times about your order and have not received a response, please check your spam or trash folder. If you are still experiencing problems, please try to email us from a different email address. 

We are closed on the weekends and holidays so that our team can also enjoy time off :) If you email over the weekend, you will receive a response the following working day.

When emailing us, please remember that a human being is helping you out!

Returns & Exchanges

At Big Bud Press we try to make sure every customer is happy! If you've changed your mind about your order or you're unhappy for any reason we happily take returns and exchanges! Should you have a problem with your order, please contact us at contact@bigbudpress.com to initiate the process.

Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of delivery. Please contact us within 14 days of delivery if you would like to return or exchange any of the items in your order. 
You must contact us before shipping your order back! 

Delivery date is determined by the date your tracking information says it was delivered.

All in-store purchases must be returned/exchanged in-store. We are unable to accommodate long-distance returns and exchanges for purchases made in-store.


*As of August 3, 2022 the restocking fee threshold has changed from $300 to $500.

Exchanged items can only be exchanged once.

Once you exchange or return an item from any order, the whole order is considered final sale and no further exchanges may be made on remaining items (if there are any).

Exchange items need to be of equal or lesser value than the items being exchanged.

Please see the "Discount & Coupons" section of our help page for more information on exchanges for orders placed with a discount of 25% of more.

You cannot request unreleased items for exchange on your order. If a product is not available in our store at the time of your exchange request, you cannot request it for exchange. For example-- if an item is launching on December 15, you cannot request it as part of your exchange credit on an order you mail back to us December 8. Our launches are all first come first serve and we cannot hold product in this way for customers. 

Please include the return form in your shipment with your request.

We do not refund shipping on orders and you are responsible for the return postage. If exchanging, we cover shipping back to you. Once you return or exchange any item from any order, the whole order is considered final sale and no further exchanges or returns may be made on remaining items (if there are any). Returns and exchanges must be postmarked within 14 day window of delivery. If order is shipped back to us outside of 14 day window, order is subject to return rejection and may be mailed back to you.

We highly recommend getting tracking on your return! Human beings deliver mail and human beings often make mistakes! We only guarantee refunds or exchanges on missing return packages that have tracking information provided. Even if we can't find the package you sent us or the package you sent us was misdelivered by a postal worker and marked as "delivered" to our address-- we will honor your return/exchange ONLY if you have tracking.

We do not offer returns on goods that are worn (for more than just the purpose of trying on), washed/dry cleaned, or violate any of the information in the Cleaning and Restocking Fees section.

International orders can be returned only (no exchanges) and must be within 7 days of when order is marked as delivered! You are responsible for shipping your return back to us. All of our other other return policies apply to international orders as well (re: cleaning fees, restocking fees, worn items, etc)

Any full-priced goods sold in-store or online at a discount of 25% or more are eligible for exchange only within our current exchange policy/guidelines listed within this page. Discounts and coupon codes will only be honored while the code is valid (they cannot be backdated for past orders or used for future orders). We only allow the use of one coupon code per purchase/order— we do not allow coupon/discount code combining. If you placed an order before a coupon code was announced or after a coupon code expired, that order/purchase is not eligible for the discount. We do not offer rainchecks on sales. We do not issue store credit in the instance that you would like to return discounted goods of 25% or more. 

Exchanged items must be exchanged for the same product category and value if sale price is to be honored in the exchange. For example, you can exchange a pair of Olive Green Work Pants for another pair of Work Pants in any size and in any style/color that’s being sold for the same original retail price before applied discount. If you’d like to exchange for an item other than the type you purchased (or one of a higher value) the item will be sold to you at full regular retail price less the exchanged value of your discounted goods. For example, you purchased a pair of Work Shorts for $44 on sale but you wanted to exchange for a pair of Western Pants that costs $114. The $44 you spent on the original item on sale will go towards the full-price purchase of the Western Pants and you will owe a remaining $70. Item must be of equal or higher value than the exchange value as we do not issue cash or store credit refunds on goods discounted at 25% or more. Please note, we are only able to accommodate exchanges of a higher value when exchanged in-store so you can be there in-person to pay the difference. For online orders the exchange value must be for equal value when purchased at 25% off or more. In the above example, you would exchange for equal value Work Shorts to keep the 25% off discount or you could use $44 in credit towards a full-priced item or group of items that add up the exchange credit amount.

Any goods sold in-store or online with a marked down "final sale" or clearance price are considered final sale and are not eligible for return or exchange. 

All items sold in our Clearance section online or in-store are final sale, sold as-is, and are ineligible for return or exchange. All sample sale goods are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Any items marked "FINAL SALE" is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

At Big Bud Press we reserve the right to charge cleaning fees and restocking fees on returned goods. If your item is returned to us with dirt and debris (i.e. deodorant, excessive pet hair, etc.) that we can not easily clean off without taking it to be cleaned-- you will be notified, sent images, and refunded the price of the items minus a 20% cleaning fee. If your item just has lint, etc. you would NOT be charged a cleaning fee, so don't worry! The cleaning fee is only for goods that we have to take in to be cleaned before they can be resold.

If your item comes with any bodily fluids, blood, etc., your item will be returned to you and the order will be considered final sale and unreturnable. If your item is returned with strong odor (i.e. cigarette smoke, etc) it will be returned to you and considered final sale and unreturnable. If you are returning $500+* in goods for refund (before any applicable discounts) you will be charged a 25% restocking fee. Fees can be combined and compounded on top of each other if a large order is returned and in unsalable condition. You would be notified beforehand so you'd have the option to just take the goods back rather than incur a potential 45% chargeback fee. 

*As of August 3, 2022 the restocking fee threshold has changed from $300 to $500.


All orders are shipped via USPS and have a tracking number. Orders are typically shipped out within 1-5 business days of when the order was placed. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday. Shipping prices are calculated during the check-out process and are based on weight and your location within the United States.

Please double check your shipping address when you receive your order confirmation as we are NOT responsible for packages that are lost, missing, or delivered to incorrect addresses.

You should receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking info once your order has shipped! Please wait 24-48 hours for your tracking information to update! :) Shipment notification emails send automatically once your order has shipped but sometimes they mysteriously do not! If it's been 5+ business days since your order was placed and you have NOT received a shipment notification, please email us so we can get you your tracking info! 

Shipping speeds calculated at check out refer only to expected transit time once your package has been dropped off with the post office and do not reflect the time it takes to prep the package on our end. We do not guarantee shipping times. We try to ship out express packages as quickly as possible but please understand that we are not Amazon and it can still take us a few days to get your order together! We're doing our best!

If you purchased Route shipping insurance: Whether your order is missing in transit or has been marked as delivered (and you didn't receive it) reach out to Route directly concerning your order. We highly recommend doing this as soon as possible. They will coordinate refunding or re-shipping your order. At the time of your original order placement you should have received a separate email from Route with order and claim details. To file a claim with route click here. Have your information handy and they will be able to assist directly.


If you did NOT purchase Route shipping insurance: We do what we can to help locate missing packages, however the information you see on your tracking is the same information we have access to. If your package has gone missing in transit or has been marked as delivered, we are not responsible for the missing mail. Often times packages are stolen, picked up by others by mistake, put in your neighbor's mailbox, etc! We are not responsible for this, unfortunately! We highly, highly recommend getting Route insurance and making sure your package is being delivered to a safe location that you are confident in! If your package was marked as delivered but you don't have it we recommend the following: 

1. Waiting up to a week to see if it gets delivered. Often times postal workers mark something as delivered because they forgot to drop it off when they were at your stop. If this is the case, it'll likely be delivered within a few business days!

2. Ask your neighbors! Often times package are misdelivered! Especially if you live in an apartment complex!

3. Pop by the post office to see if they're holding it. Sometimes they forget to leave pick-up notices!

All orders placed with us online now have Route shipping insurance automatically added to your cart for check out. You have to actively unselect or remove from cart if you don’t wish to purchase this insurance. Price for insurance is dictated by Route and is based on the total purchase price of your order. As dictated throghout our policy, we are not responsible for lost or missing mail. If you choose not to purchase Route shipping insurance, you are doing so at your own risk. We will not re-ship or refund orders that go missing.

Whether your order is missing in transit or has been marked as delivered (and you didn't receive it) reach out to Route directly concerning your order. For orders marked as delivered, a claim must be filed between 5-30 days from when it was marked as delivered. Lost package claims must be filed between 7-30 days from the last shipping update. Route will coordinate refunding or re-shipping your order. At the time of your original order placement you should have received a separate email from Route with order and claim details. To file a claim with route click here. Have your information handy and they will be able to assist directly. More information on Route’s Policies can be found here.

If you have received tracking information but your order has not been scanned/received by USPS yet we ask that you wait at least a week before contacting Route. Sometimes we prep orders for shipment and they take a couple days to get out or sometimes USPS takes a while to scan them in.

We are not responsible for lost or missing mail. If you choose not to purchase Route shipping insurance, you are doing so at your own risk. We will not re-ship or refund orders that go missing.

If you purchase Route shipping insurance, the insurance ONLY covers your initial package shipped to you. If you exchange, Route does not cover the exchanged package. If your exchanged package goes missing in transit (as dictated by tracking) please reach out to us ASAP, Route cannot help you with this. If your exchanged package was marked as delivered but you did not receive it, we cannot re-ship or refund that order. Please see more information under the SHIPPING area of our FAQ for lost packages.

Please note-- if it is suspected that you are placing fraudulent claims through Route, we will cancel future orders. We reserve the right to refuse service from customers we feel are fraudulantly filing claims.

MARCH 2, 2021 UPDATE: We have limited the number of countries we are shipping to. We are experiencing massive, expensive delays and losses of shipments. We will hopefully reopen shipping to more countries later in 2024.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED AT THE RISK OF THE SHOPPER.All international orders are shipped via USPS and are handed off to your local postal company.Most tracking information stops updating once it leaves the USA or is marked as 'delivered' when it enters the destination country. It can take up to 1-6 weeks to receive your order! Shipping prices are calculated during the check-out process and are based on quantity purchased, weight, and your location. We cannot control how much USPS or UPS charges for shipping unfortunately! If International shipping could be cheaper for us, we'd make it cheaper for y'all as well! Hopefully someday soon!

Customs and import duties may be applied to orders when your shipment reaches its destination-- Big Bud Press is not responsible for these fees. If your package has been marked as delivered and you did not receive it, often times it is being held at your local post office for you to pay customs fees.

We strongly advise against international customers using freight forwarding services. We have experienced massive delays, missing packages, and high levels of fraud with freight-forwarding services. If you choose to have your package shipped to one of these addresses you are doing so entirely at your own risk. We claim no responsibility on these packages the moment they are accepted by USPS. If your package goes missing or is delayed, we can be of no help to you and you will have to direct all questions to the freight-forwarding service you used. We will not refund or reship any packages shipped to a freight-forwarding service.

Please note-- despite the warnings above, if we happen to see that a customer has placed an order shipping to a freight-forwarding service there is a high probability that we will cancel the order to avoid any headaches for the customer and our customer service team. We know that may be frustrating for our customers, but we believe it would be far more frustrating as a customer to have placed the order, waited weeks or months for it-- only to find out it has gone missing, and then to experience the frustration of loss of money, goods and time. 

If you pop by one of our stores and we don't have what you need on hand we are happy to assist you in ordering the items in person to be sent to your designated address! All of our regular online-ordering return/exchange policies apply to these orders. If you have any issues, please feel free to reach out to contact@bigbudpress.com for assistance!

Orders placed from in-store purchases ship via UPS. We are unable to add Route to these purchases due to restrictions on Route's end of operations. However, at the time of check-out you are verbally asked if you would like to add signature confirmation to your order at no extra cost to you. We do not claim responsibility on missing or stolen packages that have been marked delivered. If you opt out of the signature confirmation you are leaving your package at greater risk of being stolen.

Please note-- in-store purchases for shipping can only be sent to domestic addresses.

General FAQ

Double check your order confirmation email! We can change anything about an order BEFORE it ships. Just email us ASAP when you notice the address is wrong! We check emails before we process orders.

If you provided us with the wrong address and your package has already shipped, we unfortunately can't do anything to help in this situation. We are not responsible for what happens to orders that are shipped to the wrong address when the provided address is incorrect. If the order is returned to us (they often are!), we will promptly re-ship it to you when it gets back to our warehouse so keep an eye on that tracking information!

Sorry about that! Sometimes orders are mis-packed-- if you see that you order is incorrect please send us an email at contact@bigbudpress.com explaining what happened and we'll get you helped ASAP!


Given the current rise in mail fraud, if you are reporting missing items in your package we need to be contacted by the purchaser and communicating with the email address that the order was placed under.

Sometimes items that aren't so perfect slip through the QC process-- it unfortunately happens sometimes! Human beings make, QC, and pack our clothes and sometimes mistakes can happen! We stand behind our quality and take complaints of manufacturing defects very seriously and work to make them right as soon as we're notified. We would never knowingly ship a defective item so please send us an email at contact@bigbudpress.com with photos of the suspected defect/fault and we'll get you helped as soon as possible!

We ask that you PLEASE do not further damage a garment that you suspect may have a manufacturing defect and notify us ASAP. We are trained to know what these defects look like (even the tiniest ones) and we take even the smallest defects/imperfections very seriously-- intentionally making it worse so that it appears more serious in photo just creates more repair costs on our end and in some cases makes a garment unfixable. We understand the desire to make it look worse, as there is a fear we won't take your complaint seriously, but we would like to assure our customers that we take any issues like this very seriously as we know how something very minor can become a large issue very quickly upon wear.

On clearance or goods marked *FINAL SALE* we still stand behind the quality-- please don't hestitate to reach out if the item you received seems defective. (However, this does not include sample sale goods or goods sold in our super sale bins in-store-- these items are priced low enough to allow for a customer to get something fixed/repaired and still get a great deal)

This happens sometimes! Due to the nature of the garment dyed production process it can sometimes be easy for our clothing to be mislabeled in size. When sewing in labels sometimes an incorrect label is in the pile-- it happens! This is a very easy mistake to miss especially when sewing a high volume of pieces. Once garments are sewn they're separated into smaller batches for dying-- it's incredibly difficult to gauge the sizing of a piece pre-dye as they shrink considerably in the dye process. Once out of the dye process they're sorted by label size, pressed, and packed. Sometimes these sizing discrepancies are caught and sometimes they aren't as the people QCing are focusing primarily on sewing/dying defects.

If you suspect your garment may be mislabeled please email us at contact@bigbudpress.com so we can get that figured out!

To measure your item-- lay garment on a HARD completely flat surface with nothing underneath (not a couch or bed, as this can dramatically skew the results of the measuring). Shake the garment out and lay it flat-- pat the garment out, do not pull or tug in excess as this can skew the garment and the measuring results. The measuring tape needs to be held completely taut, with no give whatsoever to get the most accurate measurement (tossing or placing the measuring tape on top of a garment for a picture will not yield accurate results and can sometimes be 2-3" off or more of the flat measurement) When flat, if your garment measures 1.5" or more off the listed measurements please email us.


You can read more about our Sample Sale policies here

Our 100% cotton pants, overalls, and jumpsuits will break in over time and conform to your body and movements. Even a piece worn just a few times can feel considerably different compared to a new, unworn style-- let alone one that's been worn many, many times over months/years.

Lounging around your house, sitting, and doing very slow squats are all great ways of breaking in 100% cotton pieces.

It's to be expected that a new piece will not be nearly as comfortable as one you've already broken in and may feel smaller as the fibers have not yet stretched out.

As we’re all aware inflation has been a huge issue since 2020. All of our costs have increased at a minimum 30% across the board and continue to rise each year. Before our pricing increases of January 2023, our pricing still didn’t match the increases we received from our vendors by the end of 2020— let alone the increases we’ve seen in 2021, 2022, and beginning of 2023. We’ve done small incremental pricing increases here and there to try and take the edge off of our rising costs without over-burdening our customers. However, we are unfortunately at the point where we have needed to increase costs to a more realistic price point based on what we’re spending to make these pieces.

We realize this may be frustrating and disappointing for many customers and we understand. We realize that even though we’ve been seriously undercharging for many of our pieces, it may not feel like it since our price point is still already high for so many. Domestic manufacturing at the level we do it (not only making pieces locally but locally made fabrics, hardware, etc.) is extremely expensive and unheard of for a company of our size-- It’s why so many companies don’t do it.

Unfortunately our previous pricing is fully unsustainable for us as we move into this new, murky economy. We have no private funding, no investors, no safety net. Raising our prices is necessary at this point to maintain the health of our business and maintain jobs for all of our incredible team members.

We will continue to have a yearly sample sale (and more if our stock allows), we will continue to have super sale bins in-store, and do regular clearance sales to make our pieces accessible to more when we can. We are also working towards new programs that we aren’t quite yet ready to announce— but we’re hoping to have more options for those who find our pieces difficult to afford.

We appreciate your understanding.

We are happy to announce that we now accept Afterpay as part of our method of payments for online checkout! Afterpay is an interest-free installment payment program. If you have any questions regarding use, payments, and refund processing of Afterpay we suggest going to their site and directing any and all questions to them. If you're having any issues with the use of Afterpay, you will also need to direct those questions to them as well. 

All Afterpay orders are still subject to our entire shopping policy listed on this page.

Gifts cards purchased online or in-store are redeemable online or in-store. If you're having any issues with your coupon code (digital or physical) please send us an email so we can help you out with it ASAP!

All gift cards are final sale and cannot be returned for a refund or store credit. 

Purchases made with a gift card are subject to all of our posted policies. 

Please contact us at philip@bigbudpress.com

We are unable to accommodate bulk ordering on our website. Please read more below if you're looking for custom orders, bulk outfitting, etc. with at least an 8 week lead time.

We appreciate the support and interest in outfitting your team, employees, or whomever you may be bulk ordering for. At this time we are unable to accommodate bulk orders. We are not a uniform company and keeping up with stock for our regular customers is already increasingly difficult with shortages, production delays, etc. We've had major issues keeping items available for our regular customers and bulk ordering obliterates our stock.

If you order four or more identical items (for example: 4 jumpsuits of varying colors/sizes or 4 Work Pants of varying colors/sizes) we reserve the right to cancel the order(s) or make the order(s) final sale. We will always notify you beforehand if we take objection with your purchase so you can decide how you’d like to move forward. (And yes, even if you’re trying to pass it by us across multiple orders, it still counts and will be based on a number of factors including billing/shipping info, names, payment info, etc.)

We recognize this is inconvenient, annoying and frustrating but we just can’t accommodate the number of people who request/attempt bulk orders. It takes massive hits on our stock, the returns/exchanges are extremely expensive and time consuming (for both parties), and often results in damaged/dirty items, many, many frustrating emails, chargebacks and more. Our long history of time, money, and product we've lost in these situations has made us have to have a difficult stand on these types of orders. 

If you would like to place a bulk/custom order with an
8 week lead time we need the following information from you:

-Name of group/organization
-Information about what the product is for
-Number of pieces needed (as these pieces will likely be custom made for you, we need a minimum 25 pieces of any one item you're looking for)
-Colors, sizing etc.
-In-hand date

Please email this information with as many details about your request as possible to: Philip@bigbudpress.com

While we still may not be able to accommodate your request, this is your best bet if you're looking for some larger quantity purchasing.

Wash on cold with like colors (or alone if you're nervous). Tumble dry on low heat. If hang-drying we recommend doing so indoors. Do NOT hang dry in direct sunlight as this can fade the dye of our goods.

All of our pieces are preshrunk-- you will notice minimal shrinkage, if any, when you launder depending on your washer/dryer (some machines, especially older ones, can wash or dry at a hotter temperature even when set on cold/low) What you will likely notice is how the fibers shrink up after wear to fit similarly to the first time you tried your piece on. However, once you wear again your piece will stretch back out throughout the day to the fit you're familiar with.

If we feel that a customer has crossed the line in their communication with us, we have the right to cancel any future orders they place with us. We realize that sometimes shopping online can be a frustrating experience-- we do our best to minimize that while still protecting our business. However, sometimes people take that as an opportunity to treat our customer service team as if they are beneath them or undeserving of a respectful interaction. At the end of the day you are communicating with customer service team members who have been given a set of guidelines to follow that they have no control over-- being verbally abusive and sending hateful messages that cross the line is fully unacceptable. Ultimately, if you feel so strongly about your purchase that you are sending these types of messages to our employees, it seems like we're not the brand for you anyway.

Additionally, we have the right to cancel orders from customers who have a history with us of filing chargebacks with their method of payment (credit/debit card, paypal, etc. and more) and/or filing fraudulant claims through Route. Especially and most specifically those who have a history of doing that without contacting us to try and resolve the issue beforehand. We are a self-funded business and we frankly cannot afford to accept and ship orders to customers who have a history of this behavior with us.

If you receive an email from someone claiming to be a representative of Big Bud Press please verify that email address ends in "@bigbudpress.com"

Do not click on any links or respond to any email from anyone claiming to be a representative of our company if the email address ends in anything but @bigbudpress.com. We would never email from an address ending in "@gmail.com" or other any other domain.

A common thing we're seeing in phishing scam emails is a request for collaboration, requests for photoshoots, etc. These emails typically then ask for some type of financial exchange/exchange of personal information and/or some type of meet-up. These are not authentic emails and you should immediately delete and report as junk/spam.

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