About Us

Big Bud Press Made in California sign

Big Bud Press is a fast-growing Los Angeles based clothing label specializing in unisex, everyday goods. We pride ourselves on our ethical and local manufacturing practices. We are sweatshop free and independently audit all of our manufacturing partners.

We have an internal "Eyes-On" production policy-- We visit every arm of our manufacturing processes at bare minimum once per week but in most cases, every single day. This is to ensure that not only is everything being made to our highest standards, but that our manufacturers continue working to the high ethics standards that we require. In addition to this, we work with independent compliance firms to audit ourselves and our manufacturing partners every 90 days to ensure our standards are being met. We are sweatshop free and do not work with any factories who participate in piece-work pay. These audits also help to continue to ensure this for us behind the scenes.

More than 98% of the fabric we use is grown and made domestically and is NAFTA certified. We plan for our fabric to be fully domestically produced by 2022. The majority of our fabric is knit/woven locally in the Los Angeles area. The remainder is woven on the east coast. We almost exclusively use 100% cotton fabrics. Any non-cotton fabrics we use are comprised of recycled yarns. The imported fabric we occasionally use is primarily close-out/deadstock fabrics for one-off collections. We use low impact and non-toxic dyes in our dye processes. Any screen printing ink we use is waterbased. Our zippers, woven labels, and snaps are made in the USA. The buttons we use are made in Italy.

We have an open-air warehouse so storing our garments in poly-bags is a must to avoid environmental debris and dust. We use 100% recycled poly bags for everything-- clear bags for storage, mailers for packages, etc. We hope to switch to something even more sustainable in the future-- we are currently looking into new options that work for both our needs and the safety, storage, and transport of the garments.

We work hard to make a product you can feel confident in-- not only when you wear it, but knowing where it comes from and how its been made. We work very hard to make something for as many people as possible. 

Please contact us at contact@bigbudpress.com for any press questions/inquiries.