Field Coat - Leopard Print

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A new addition to our collection— The Field Coat. Think of it as a longer, a-line cut of our Work Jacket. Slightly oversized in fit. Lighter weight with a luxe textured 100% cotton fabric. Custom woven for us with window dimpling for a luxurious and eye-catching texture. Huge rounded pockets. Pen holder. Made with custom brass tack buttons with our signature sun baby logo. This jacket is perfect for warmer weather or layering on colder days. Effortlessly dresses up any outfit.

Decorated by layering different colors with airbrush as a base and then stamping the leopard print on top. All decorated completely by hand. Once the decoration is finished the pieces are laundered to remove any excess paint leaving a soft hand-feel with an organic look. Our take on a classic motif. This run is slightly darker than our last run of this style from November so if you're trying to match with your previous pieces, this color will be a little off!

Please note: All airbrush/painted pieces are done by hand. Each piece, while similar, are totally unique. No two are alike! These processes are done completely by hand and variation between each piece is to be expected!


Designed, cut, sewn, garment dyed, and painted by hand in Los Angeles with fabric custom woven for us in america. Dyed and decorated with non-toxic and low impact dyes.

  • Unisex Sizing
  • 100% Cotton
  • Preshrunk
  • Non-stretch
  • Window Dimpling Texture
  • A-Line Cut
  • Oversized
  • Large Rounded Pockets
  • Pen Holder
  • Custom Sun Baby Brass Tack Buttons
  • Airbrushed by Hand
  • Limited Edition

A longer, a-line cut of our Work Jacket. Slightly oversized in fit. The sweep is quite wide on this jacket but the fabric drapes beautifully whether or not you have wide hips. For the intended fit you're likely the same size or one size larger as you are in most of our tops. Please consult our size chart before ordering.

Hana is 5'3" and wearing XXS
Morgan is 5'5" and wearing XL
Tiara is 5'4" and wearing P

Field Coat Size Chart

Size XXS