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Teisha Jenaie Photos by Damian Borja

Big Bud Press Headquaters- Cypress Park, CA

Model: Teisha Jenaie 
Photography: Damian Borja
Styling: Lacey Micallef
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Sara Cath Photos By Damian Borja

Echo Park, CA

Model: Sara Cath
Photography: Damian Borja
Styling: Lacey Micallef
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What's your color? Rainbow backpacks are here!

We've been working really hard at BBP HQ to get these backpacks ready! We're so proud to launch our new line! We hope you love them as much as we do!

Faded Flamingo Pin Backpacks

Mustang Red Backpacks
Sunset Orange Backpacks
Golden Yellow Backpacks
Gross Green Backpacks
Hawaiian Blue Backpacks
Royal Blue Backpacks
Lush Lavender Backpacks
Vintage Tee White Backpacks
Basic Black Backpacks

Los Angeles, CA

Concept and Styling: Lacey Micallef
Photography: Damian Borja

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