Big Bud Press Kickstarter Launch Today!!!

Big Bud Press Kickstarter Launch Today!!!

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Big Bud Press Kickstarter Launch Today!!!

Dear Friends,


We want to thank you for your continued support of Big Bud Press. As you know we are always pushing to give our customers the tools to help express who they are! We believe that size and color options shouldn't be limited and shouldn't come at the price being ethically made! You should be able to dress in the colors of your dreams!

That is why we work tirelessly to bring you collections that support diversity and made in USA ethical production! Just take a second to look in your closet. You can probably see almost any clothing label is made overseas and if it wasn't made here you can bet at the very minimum those workers were not paid ethically. Even high end retailers use a lot of the same manufacturing resources as cheaper fast fashion stores. It's inescapable!

Believe it or not all clothing is made by hand and each garment is touched by at least 80 different hands before it gets to you. That's a lot of people! Wouldn't you feel better knowing that all of those people making the clothes you love and enjoy were treated ethically and paid a fair wage? Everything we do we try and give the best prices and the best quality so you can wear your Big Bud over and over and over again without it giving out! That is our standard!

To help achieve our mission we are expanding our color range from 10 to 17! To help give you guys the power of choice! We are also expanding our affordable basics line to add new work wear jackets, 2 big back packs, blank baseball ringers and more! This is just the starting point! We want to build more and more to give you the freedom to dress how you feel!

Please help us on our mission! As you can imagine this is not an easy undertaking. It's expensive to build a stock program where this stuff is always available to you guys! How do I help you may ask? Its easy! To help accomplish our dreams we are launching this Kickstarter today!!

We aren't asking for you to donate but to just preorder your favorite pieces from our new line and receive wonderful rewards at a discount! Can't afford to help? Don't worry about it! Tell a friend! Post about it! If you believe in us and our vision, any type of support means the world to us. Lets work together to help make the world more alive with color!

Thank you!!

Big Bud Press


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