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Dear Friends, we want to thank you for your continued support! My name is Lacey Micallef and I own Big Bud Press-- a clothing and accessories brand based in Los Angeles, California! We are always pushing to give our customers the tools to help express who they are! We believe that size and color options shouldn't be limited and shouldn't come at the price being ethically made!

My partner Philip and I have been fed up with the fashion industry for a long time-- overbloated pricing and a general lack of care and quality have become a major problem. Believe it or not all clothing is made by hand and each garment is touched by at least 80 different hands before it gets to you. That's a lot of people! Wouldn't you feel better knowing that all of those people making the clothes you love and enjoy were treated ethically and paid a fair wage? We always try to give the best prices and the best quality so you can wear your Big Bud over and over and over again without it giving out! That is our standard!

We feel it’s really important to make high quality goods that aren’t cost prohibitive to you— the customer. This can be very difficult with US production. Doing so means our pricing has to compete with companies who have their goods made overseas for a fraction of what we pay for domestic manufacturing. The mistreatment of workers devastates the clothing industry but we want to change that. We've built a company that puts the value of living wages and safe working conditions above profit margins. It can be very difficult at times but we believe in our vision!

We're introducing a brand new rainbow line of size inclusive unisex basics made right here in Los Angeles! Available in a rainbow of 17 beautiful colors! 

We know how difficult it can be to find clothing that works for you and your body type. Unisex clothing has always meant "Men's clothing." Frankly, we're tired of that. We've worked hard to develop a unisex line that not only looks good on traditionally masculine bodies, but also looks good on those of us with curvier figures.

We want to ignite your world with color and that shouldn't come at the cost of your clothing being ethically made!

Please read more about our project here!