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Medical Mask Fund
$ 5.00

Medical Mask Fund

A lot of you have likely already heard the news about the shelter-in-place order for California, and if you haven’t— you know now! A necessary action to protect the public’s health and safety. An order like this, however, is devastating to small businesses like ours. Over 150 people rely on Big Bud’s income— from our direct employees to the folks who work in allll the lovely factories around Los Angeles making everything for us. These numbers don’t include their families who also rely on this income.

After the order was dropped we were gutted, confused, and didn’t know what to do. For some folks, unemployment is not an option. A lot of our contractors were calling us, just as confused, trying to figure out what we can do and how to help their employees. We worked on a plan together to sew masks. The public is in desperate need and we're just trying to find a way to help. In addition to the funding we're sending our contractors to make masks, we're also giving them funds to give to their employees who can't or don't want to work.

We were intiially hoping to make 100-200 masks a day but just a few days after posting this we're able to make 1000+ masks per day and those numbers are growing! Thank you so much for your generosity! We were initially trying to fund this project alone but with the help of the public we're able to sew a lot more, help a lot more people, and send even more money to our contractors and their employees.

The mask inner lining is made out of 100% cotton jersey and the outer lining is made from a waterproof 50/50 poly cotton blend. We developed an incredible easy mask to make-- each sewer can sew about 100-150 masks per day. Each mask costs about $2-$3 to make. While fabric masks aren't perfect, they are proven to help and are certainly better than nothing which is what most clinics and hospitals are facing right now. There's even a slot for a filter to make these masks even more effective if you have filters on hand. 

We’ll be donating these masks around Los Angeles and Chicago area hospitals, homeless shelters, long-term care facilities, and more— if you have ANY specific donation recommendations PLEASE feel free to email them us. The more masks we're able to make, the more locations we're able to donate to. Follow along on our Instagram feed to see their progress and the folks we're donating them to. 

We appreciate the support of our community, our customers, and the folks who help run this ship.




We started mailing and dropping off masks on March 24! We'll be updating this list a few times a week to let everyone know where we've been donating.

-Midnight Mission in Los Angeles, CA
-Snoqualmie Valley Hospital in Snoqualmie, WA
-AHF Clinic Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA
-AHF Clinic in Los Angeles, CA
-Jamaica Medical Center in Jamaica, NY

-Lincoln park Community Services in Chicago, IL
-My Friend's Place in Los Angeles, CA
-Casa Youth Center in Los Angeles, CA
-La Casa Norte in Chicago, IL
-BEDS Plus in Chicago, IL
-Masks4medicine in New York, NY
-Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario
-Cooks Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX