Discount Daze

We are re-introducing our Discount Daze program-- a way for us to sell first-quality goods outside of sample sales at an affordable rate for our friends who want to buy ethically made goods but often can't afford the price tag that comes along with it. We plan to do these launches ideally once a month, but until it's up and running fully, it will be at minimum every other month. If you are able to shop with us at full-price, we encourage you to skip this sale to allow room for others who can't. These items/colors will be almost all be on the site at full-price in the future!

If we sell out-- don't worry! The next one is gonna be reallllllly good and worth the wait ;)

All sales are final but if you receive your order and it truly doesn't work, shoot us an email and we will try to help!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection