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Plaid Socks in Pink
Plaid Socks in Pink close up
Plaid Socks in Pink
$ 15.00

Plaid Socks - Pink

The cutest socks in the world! Knit right here in California! 

Our socks provide a lot of stretch and fit a very wide range of sizes! Our socks are "standard" sized and fit around a Women's 6.5 - 13 and Men's 5 - 11.5. Sizing may vary slightly and you may be able to push the sizing on either end of the scale but we don't recommend it! Our socks are a Cotton/Nylon blend with Elastic for stretch!

Knit in California!


Please note that socks are a final sale item and are not eligible for return or exchange!

We recommend washing socks on cold-- they can shrink up a bit when washed but they stretch back out with wear!